My Essay

Please read this essay, you can write better than this.

My essay - writing a recount

4 thoughts on “My Essay

  1. Recently,Samy and friends decided to go picnic at Batu Feringgi,Pulau Pinang.They went by their bicycle to relax their brain after examination.They broughtsome foods and drinks.Samy was very happy because he can spend time with his friends.
    On the way,the boys were talking and laughing.they not notice that thesky became darker.The rain down drizzle but they ignoredit.Suddenly,the rain cats and dogs.They were taking shelter on a big tree.During they sat,the thundering and lightning strucked a Timber Treee.Samy and his friends ran out from the tree.They very shocked and scared.
    The tree became crashing down.they were missed as their safe.Two hour ago,the rain stopped.They continued their journey.They very sad as their food wetted and cannot be eaten.But they excited because that’s the first experience for them……..

  2. Last weekend, Samy and his friend planned for a picnic at the nearby park. They brought a lot of delicious food and drink such as bread, junk food and syrup. They felt very happy and excited. They went there by their own bicycle and rode happily.
    On their way, the boys were talking about their school and laughing when samy made jokes. They did not notice that the sky was getting darker. Suddenly, the rain was start to drizzle. But, they just ignored until the rain heavier.

    They were panicked and start riding quickly to take a shelter under a big tree by the roadside. They hoped that the rain will stop quickly. Unfortunately, they heard a thunder and lightning loudly. The lightning was striking the timber and they ran out.

    The tree was crashing down and just missed. The boys ran to safe theirself. They were shaken that the rain stopped. So. They decided to continue their journey.

  3. the last sunday, samy and friends have a picnic. they brought their food as a lunch time.they felt so happy because they have a free time together.on their journey, they were talking and laughing happily/

  4. Last Saturday, Samy and his friends went for an outing . They felt bored after examination, so they decided to go for a picnic.

    Before going picnic , they prepared some foods and drinks . They brought sandwich, junk food and juices . Samy and his friends felt very exited and joyful.

    They went picnic by cycling . During the journey , they were talking and laughing happily. The boys were talking about the side cheerfully. They did not notice that the sky are getting darker. The rain started to drizzling, but they ignored it. A few minutes later, it started to rain heavier likes rain cats and dogs .

    Samy and his decided to take shelter under the big tree. The thunder sounds very loudly . The lightning began to flow out.

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