Guided Composition

Paper 2

Refer to page 39 of your Effective Practise.

The pictures below are about Samy’s experience during an outing. You have been asked to write the story for your school magazine.


One thought on “Guided Composition

  1. Recently,Samy and his friends decided to go picnic at Batu Feringgi,Pulau Pinang.They went by their bicyle to relax their brain after examination.They brought some food and drinks.Samy was very happy as he can spend his time with his friend.

    On the way,the boys were talking and laughing.They not notice that the sky became darker.The rain down drizzle but they ignored it.Suddenly,the rain cats and dogs.They were took shelter under a big tree.During they sat,the thundering and lightning strucked a Timber Tree.Samy and his friends ran out from the tree.They very shocked and scared.

    The tree became crashing down.They were missed because as their safe.Two hour ago,the rain stopped.They continued their journey.They very sad because their food wetted and cannot be eaten.They very excited as that’s the first experience for them.

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