Themes of love, hope and friendship

The following are  the novels studied in the literature component in English Language

1. Potato People – Angela Wright

2. Robinson Crusoe – Daniel Defoe

3. The Phantom of The Opera – Gaston Lerroux

4. Dr. Jeckyll and Mr Hyde – Robert Louis Stevenson

5. The Prisoner of Zenda – Anthony Hope Hawkins

Based on one of the novels above, write on one of the following themes.

(i) love

(ii) hope

(iii) friendship

Provide evidence from the text to support your answer.


The novel “Potato People” shows how friendships are formed when strangers are willing to help one another in time of need. Marie becomes a good friend to Patrick when he is kind enough to share his bread with her. In return, she cheers him up with her stories and happy smile. She also teaches him how to protect himself and how to find food. He, in turn, comforts her when she is frightened.

Another thing I learn about relationships from this novel is that sometimes one should not be too trusting. Patrick thinks that the gold Sean has is his own as his family used to be rich and powerful. Marie, however, being more experienced, he realises that Sean probably stole the money. In the end, Sean is indeed arrested for murder and robbery. Patrick and Marie leave for America unharmed because Marie was perceptive.

Finally, the relationship between the English and Irish at that time was not very good because the English treated the Irish badly. This created a lot of ill feeling and mistrust. From this I learn that it is always good to treat people kindly and respectfully.


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