Instructions of Making Durian Dodol

Instructions of Making Durian Dodol

First, you must prepare its ingredient. Get some special variety of durians. You can either buy them at the market, stalls or from night market. It is now fruit season. Cut the durian fruits open, carefully. Do not hurt yourself as they have sharp thorns. You will see the durian flesh inside.  Then, take the durian flesh and remove the seeds. Later, put the flesh into a large bowl.  You must add, 8 cups of sugar, 2 litres of coconut milk and a kilogram of flour. Stir the mixture well.

After that, get the stove ready and you must light up the woods on fire. When the fire is lit, put the pan or the pot on the stove. Pour the mixture into the pan or pot. Make sure the fire is slow. Stir the mixture with a wooden spatula; do not dip your bare hands into the hot durian dodol. When it turns dark brown and thick, let the fire becomes smaller. When the fire is off, you must leave the durian dodol becomes cool. Finally, put the durian dodol into the mengkuang or pandan leaves baskets.

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