The common mistakes

Students tend to do mistake when speaking and writing in English because of their mother tongue.

1. Word omission: The words that are left out in the sentences such as articles “ a, an, the” , prepositions of place, prepositions of time, prepositions of manner, etc.

2. Transpose: The placing of subject and object,

3. Wrong Word Use: words sounds the same (homonyms)

Exercise 1: Read each sentence given below carefully.  Identify the word that has been left out by underlining it. Rectify or insert the correct word at the place where you think is suitable.

1.     I’am going there now.                                                                              __________

2.     Last holidays I went to my uncle house at fishing village.               __________

3.     My mothers’ brother is always quarrelling with her.                      __________

4.     Rudolf Rassendyll sister in law, Rose always scold him.                  __________

5.     Many people go beach every Fridays and Saturdays.                     __________

6.     The baby crying because he hungry.                                                    __________

7.     When I free time, I will come to your house.                                     __________

8.     Zoo is place where wild animals are kept.                                          __________

9.     Never feed animals when you at the zoo.                                          __________

10.  You must buy a ticket before entering cinema.                                 _________


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