Practise 1: Form One’s novel

Practise 1:

From the novel Journey To The Centre of The Earth written by Jules Verne, write out an interesting event in not less than 50 words. Provide an evidence to support your answer.

Model Answer

An event that I think is most interesting is at the beginning of the novel, Journey to The Center of The Earth, by Jules Verne. In Chapter Two, the story begins when Professor Lindenbrock and Axel travel for ten days by ship before reaching Iceland. Professor Lidenbrock employs, Hans Bjelke, as their guide on their adventure. Gathering supplies, the trio depart for Mt. Sneffels, the point through which they can gain access to the core of the earth. Ten days later, on Monday, June 29th, they reach the top of Mount Sneffel. The shadow of the afternoon sun shows which crater they should descend.

It makes me keep on reading till the end, this novel is an adventure thriller and is set in 1862.


Model answer 2:

The most eventful part in the story, Journey To The Centre  of The Earth is in Chapter 4 when Hans finds an underground river and the trios quench their thirst. Jules Verne wrote, On Thursday, July 9, they continue on with their journey. By the next evening the professor estimates their position to be 90 miles southeast of Mount Sneffels and eight miles deep. They also come to an abyss and make their way down a naturally formed staircase. On Sunday, July 12, they climb down about 20 miles. Over the next two weeks they climb down deeper and deeper into the earth. On Thursday, August 6, Axel finds himself alone. In desperation he retraces his steps but becomes hopelessly lost. I found it is very interesting because they were lost in the cavern and the characters tries to find their way out.  This novels taught me a few lessons  and the main character, Professor Otto Lidenbrock   is an intelligent, determined and adventurous scientist. I also like Axel Lidenbrock who is a faithful and loyal nephew. He is young and easily but scared.



2 thoughts on “Practise 1: Form One’s novel

  1. i love journey 2 the cntre of the earth!!!The model answer was so gud..i like it..maybe i can use it for my exam later on..

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