The Past Tense

Exercise 13.

Complete the sentences with the past tense form of the verbs in brackets.

1. The boys ___________(run) for shelter when it ___________(rain) cats and dogs.

2. We ___________(sing) and ___________(dance) until the wee hours of the morning.

3. Jason ___________ _(buy) the car on Monday and ________(give) us a ride to town the next day.

4. He always ___________(plan) the class parties) when he __________(study) here.

5. The lion _________(spring) at the hunter as he ___________(bend) down to pick up his gun.

6. Alan __________(stare) in awe at the “kavadi” carriers and then he ___________(turn) around to look at the chariots.

7. She said that she _____________(comprehend) what the teacher _______________(want) them to do.

8. You __________________(choose) the wrong clue and _______(lose) the chance of winning.

Exercise 14.

Fill in the blanks with past tense and the past continuous tense forms of the verbs in brackets.

1. The waiter _______________(put) down the dishes when I _____________(stretch) out my hand.

2. We_________________(have) breakfast when the postman ___________(come).

3. He __________(burn) his tongue while he ________________(drink) the hot coffee.

4. The wind ____________________(blow) strongly and the boats  were ________________(tug) at the ropes.

5. My dog _______________(bark) fiercely and the man ________________( call ) for help.

6. She _____________(board) the bus when I ________________(saw) her this morning.

7. Just as I _________________(start) to cook, the doorbell ________________________(rang).

8. The lady _______________________(cross) the road when the traffic light _____________________(turn) red.

9. I _______________(step) on the weighing machine and _________(cross) my fingers that my weight had not changed.

10. The boxes of goods ______________________(load) onto the lorry which __________(take) them to the port.


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