Future Tense

Simple Future Tense

To show an action in the future

1. “will” or “shall” + verb to show something that will be done or will happen in the future

2. “will” when we decide to do something now.

3. ” going to” to talk about something that we have decided to do in the future.

4. is + ing verbs form of the present continous.

Exercise 17,

Fill in the simple future tense or the going form of the verbs in brackets.

1. I am ___________(read) out the result soon.

2. Are you ______________(sell) your car. I ________________________(buit from you.

3. How are you ________________(get) there as none of us has the time to drive you?

4. He __________________(make) sure that we arrive on time for the meeting.

5. They ________________(release) the balloons when the signal is given.

6. The floor is dirty. Aren’t you _____________________(sweep)  it?

7. The bus ______________(leave) soon. You ______________(miss) it  if you do not hurry.

8. father is ______________(paint) the fence tomorrow. You  ___________(help ) him, won’t you?

9. They ____________(have) lunch at noon and ____________(start) the ceremonhy at one-thirty.

10. Both of them _______________(attend) the seminar on PMR exam on Thursday.


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