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Putting Technology To Work

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After 10PM my house falls silent, the kids long since tucked away, my wife reading or equally lost in dreamland. This is my time, when I get a chance to spend what little energy remains at the close of day on avocations. One of these is amateur astronomy, for which I spend a fair number of these all-too-limited hours pouring over star maps and planning the next observing session.

The other day I stopped at an office supply store to pick up a pair of dividers. No other tool is as useful for extracting stars’ celestial position from the charts. Yet somehow these (along with scissors and tape) disappear into the land of the unknown with astonishing rapidity; my queries always answered with a “I don’t know” from the youngsters.

This time the store’s shelves were bare. The poor substitute was a cheap compass, which immediately puzzled my son. Somehow he assumed it was yet another new marvel of technology like the ones that fill his environment! but where did the battery go?

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