Model Answer PPT English Language Paper 2

345, Jalan Keramat Pulai 5,

34500 Ipoh,

 Perak Darul Ridzuan


25 May  2010


Dear Janet,

            How are you, my friend?

I hope you are in good health. How’s your family. I am in the pink of heath. Lately, I am bit busy and I was doing my Living Skills’ project.  I have something to share with you.

            I’ve just returned from a camping activity. A group of boys’ scouts of SMK Chendering organized a camping at a good spot.  It was not an annual event. Before we set our journey, we packed our thing in our back packs. What I remembered, was I have to bring a can of pesticide spray to prevent mosquito bites.  When arriving at the campsite, we immediately selected a suitable spot. We put up our tents and pitched them. One of my friend, cried because he was afraid of leeches. He was bitten by 2 leeches.

               I was really fun and great to join the camping. It was my first experience of going for an outing. My parents won’t allow me to do so but I persuaded them and finally they allowed me. Before I forget, we were divided into smaller groups. My patrol leader assigned me as a quarter- master. My duty was to cook food and boiled water. My friends fetched water and firewood nearby. I lit up fire using dried leaves and small sticks. My eyes felt pain as  the smoke got into them. Never mind, it was my first experience although mum’s good cooking are more delicious and tasty. I missed my mother’s cooking. We camped there for two nights and three days.

             I cooked rice, warmed the sardines and fried pancake eggs. When the rice and meals were ready, the boy scouts had lunch. We were very hungry and did not leave  anything behind. After lunch, we rested for a while and then went for jungle trekking.  We were so astonished to hear the birds singing. The air was so cold and fresh. We took some wonderful pictures of the green surroundings. The next day we had done water activities like canoeing and crossing the stream. We slept soundlessly as we were tired walking a long way to the campsite.

           The final night, we had barbecue and campfire.In the singing session we sang lots scouts songs. We took turn to tell stories. That’s all I could tell you. I’ve to leave now and see you soon.


Your pen pal,

Izzat Azharuddin


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