Chinese New Year Greeting

Happy Chinese New Year to the Chinese communities all over Malaysia. Not forgetting, to our beloved first Guru Penyelaras PKBP of SMK Chendering, Mr. Lim Kheck Gey. He is now teaching the less fortunate students, special disabilities at SMK Bukit Besar. May you and your family posperous ever after.


One thought on “Chinese New Year Greeting

  1. Last weeks, Samy and his friends went to picnic with cycling bycler .
    They all happy in they journey.They to bring food like bottle water and chip.

    The boys ware talking and laughing but they not notice and they all saw at sky is darker and drizzle, they ignored the rain is heavier.

    They all take shelter at a big tree. they saw a tunder and lightning and samy say ‘Timber’ and they all run out from the big tree.

    Suddenly the big tree crashing down,they all just missed from the timber.The boys a safe.After a few minute, the rain is stopped and they all continued they journey.

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