English Form 3


The Prisoner of Zenda – Anthony Hope Hawkins


Good versus evil

King Rudolf The Fifth and Duke Michael

The theme of good versus evil is well potrayed in “The Prisoner of Zenda” written by Anthony Hope Hawkins. The good, like Rudolf Rassendyll, King Rudolf  V, Colonel Sapt and Fritz were alive and triumphant. King Rudolf V regained his throne and married the princess, Princess Flavia and she became his Queen. Colonel Sapt and Fritz stayed on as his faithful advisers. Rudolf Rassendyll returned to England with his dreams of Princess Flavia. The evil ones like Black Michael and his followers were killed. Rupert of Hentzau escaped and was able to flee himself from Ruritania.

Other themes related to the novel you have chosen


Honour must come before love.

Honour and Love


Loyalty to the king and the country


Loves the country more than one own self. Crime does not pay.




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